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BOSS with PROJECT ACCOUNTING is a specialized Accounting System for upcoming Projects. The Project Accounting modules are an ADD-ON to the hugely popular BOSS system. Positioned to also operate via the web, the system enables multi-locational organizations to have on-line access from all their units to the central database.

BOSS not only takes care of day-to-day accounting requirements but also gives a host of MIS Reports. Statutory requirements are also met with and there are interfaces with other systems, which enable the user to be up-to-date at all times.

The BOSS system is ideally used by Hotels, Multiplexes, Clubs, Gymkhanas, Air Catering Units, Entertainment Complexes, Shopping Malls, Construction Companies, Restaurants and other Service Companies. The Project Accounting Add-on Module expands the scope of use to other sectors too.

There is an Optional Corporate Consolidation Module through which the Corporate can look at the unit accounts for greater analysis. The system can provide columnar Trial Balances which can help the Corporate Office analyse the Incomes / Expenses in greater detail and compare them unitwise.

The system has a host of parameters, which can be turned off or on depending on the end user requirements, so that although the same system is installed for all the above industries, the system becomes specific to the requirements of the particular industry.

Boss is totally integrated with Alifsystems Prism and Fixed Assets system. Data captured in Prism flows into Boss through interface thus reducing monthly employee related reimbursement and recovery entries along with the monthly Payroll Salary JV. Yearly Assets Depreciation is calculated in Alifsystems Fixed Assets System and the same flows into Boss through an interface.

BOSS system has been running in many countries - India, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Maldives. Special care is taken to keep the system up-to-date in terms of statutory compliances of the particular countries like VAT, TDS, Sales Tax, etc.


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